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57308   (Show Details...) A Hundred Feet Over Hell:... ReviewsNA
  • A Hundred Feet Over Hell: Flying With the Men of the 220th Recon Airplane Company Over I Corps and the DMZ, 1968-1969
    by  Jim Hooper
  • ISBN:  0760336334
  • Published 2009-05-15 by Zenith Press
  • First  272 pages  Hardcover  
  • 24 used offers from $10.55
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
122405   (Show Details...) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:... ReviewsNA
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Robotic Air Warfare 1917-2007 (New Vanguard)
    by  Steven Zaloga
  • ISBN:  1846032431
  • Published 2008-10-21 by Osprey Publishing
  • 48 pages  Paperback  
  • 13 used offers from $10.13
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
271623   (Show Details...) Combat Pair: The Evolutio... ReviewsNA
  • Combat Pair: The Evolution of Air Force-Navy Integration in Strike Warfare
    by  Benjamin S. Lambeth
  • ISBN:  B001FB689K
  • Published 2008-02-25 by RAND Corporation
  • Edition 1  128 pages  Kindle Edition  
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
404990   (Show Details...) The Cold War Historical D... ReviewsNA
  • The Cold War Historical Document Collection Tactical Air Operations in Conventional Warfare on a Maritime Front
    by  Russian Intelligence
  • ISBN:  B002YD8BQ6
  • Published 2009-11-22
  • 37 pages  Kindle Edition  
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
525394   (Show Details...) A History of Air Warfare ReviewsNA
  • A History of Air Warfare
    Edited by  John Andreas Olsen
  • ISBN:  1597974331
  • Published 2010-01-31 by Potomac Books Inc.
  • 506 pages  Paperback  
  • 25 used offers from $5.52
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
652467   (Show Details...) War in the Air 1914-45 (S... ReviewsNA
  • War in the Air 1914-45 (Smithsonian History of Warfare) (Smithsonian History of Warfare)
    by  Williamson Murray
  • ISBN:  0060838566
  • Published 2005-09-01 by Collins
  • 240 pages  Paperback  
  • 38 used offers from $1.00
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
689504   (Show Details...) Air Warfare: From World W... ReviewsNA
  • Air Warfare: From World War I to the Present Day (Air/Land/Sea Warfare)
    by  Christopher Chant, Paul Eden, Thomas Newdick
  • ISBN:  1592238254
  • Published 2008-11-01 by Thunder Bay Press
  • 320 pages  Hardcover  
  • 12 used offers from $1.00
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
949873   (Show Details...) Rhetoric and Reality in A... ReviewsNA
  • Rhetoric and Reality in Air Warfare : The Evolution of British and American Ideas about Strategic Bombing, 1914-1945 (Princeton Studies in International History and Politics)
    by  Tami Davis Biddle
  • ISBN:  0691120102
  • Published 2004-08-30 by Princeton University Press
  • 416 pages  Paperback  
  • 17 used offers from $20.59
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
1639853   (Show Details...) Courage and Air Warfare; ... ReviewsNA
  • Courage and Air Warfare; The Allied Aircrew Experience in the Second World War (Cass Studies in Air Power)
    by  MARK K. WELLS
  • ISBN:  0714641480
  • Published 1995-06-30 by Frank Cass
  • Edition 1  256 pages  Paperback  
  • 21 used offers from $4.81
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
2388219   (Show Details...) Coalition Air Warfare in ... ReviewsNA
  • Coalition Air Warfare in the Korean War 1950-1953
    by  Air Force History Museums Program
    Edited by  Jacob Neufeld, George M. Watson
  • ISBN:  1780392788
  • Published 2011-03-01 by
  • 374 pages  Paperback  
  • 1 used offers from $34.01
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
2726098   (Show Details...) PROFILES OF FLIGHT: PANAV... ReviewsNA
  • PROFILES OF FLIGHT: PANAVIA TORNADO: Strike, Anti-ship, Air Superiority, Air Defence, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Fighter-bomber
    by  Martin Bowman, Dave Windle
  • ISBN:  184884235X
  • Published 2011-02 by Pen and Sword
  • 80 pages  Hardcover  
  • 7 used offers from $20.30
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
3417517   (Show Details...) Military Helicopter Doctr... ReviewsNA
  • Military Helicopter Doctrines of the Major Powers, 1945-1992 : Making Decisions about Air-Land Warfare (Contributions in Military Studies)
    by  Matthew Allen
  • ISBN:  0313285225
  • Published 1993-05-30 by Greenwood Press
  • 328 pages  Hardcover  
  • 9 used offers from $68.76
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
3800186   (Show Details...) Air Warfare of the Future... ReviewsNA
  • Air Warfare of the Future (The Library of Future Weaponry)
    by  Randy Littlejohn
  • ISBN:  1404205233
  • Published 2006-01-30 by Rosen Central
  • 64 pages  Library Binding  
  • 7 used offers from $ 0.72
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
3874523   (Show Details...) Air Power in the Age of T... ReviewsNA
  • Air Power in the Age of Total War (Warfare & History S.)
    by  John Buckley
  • ISBN:  1857285891
  • Published 1998-12 by Routledge,an imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd
  • 269 pages  Paperback  
  • 2 used offers from $33.57
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
4554227   (Show Details...) The Allied Air War and Ur... ReviewsNA
  • The Allied Air War and Urban Memory: The Legacy of Strategic Bombing in Germany (Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare)
    by  Jörg Arnold
  • ISBN:  1107004969
  • Published 2011-09-30 by Cambridge University Press
  • 400 pages  Hardcover  
  • 4 used offers from $86.82
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
5447461   (Show Details...) Air Warfare (Modern Warfa... ReviewsNA
  • Air Warfare (Modern Warfare)
    by  Martin J. Dougherty
  • ISBN:  1433927209
  • Published 2010-01 by Gareth Stevens Publishing
  • 32 pages  Library Binding  
  • 5 used offers from $18.40
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
5900365   (Show Details...) THANKS FOR THE MEMORY : U... ReviewsNA
  • THANKS FOR THE MEMORY : Unforgettable Characters in Air Warfare, 1939-1945
    by  Laddie Lucas
  • ISBN:  189869785X
  • Published 1998-04 by Grub Street
  • 468 pages  Paperback  
  • 8 used offers from $6.29
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
8773615   (Show Details...) Air Power in Modern Warfa... ReviewsNA
  • Air Power in Modern Warfare
    by  Jaspit Singh
  • ISBN:  8170620473
  • Published 1988-06 by South Asia Books
  • 317 pages  Hardcover  
  • Data as of 2/20/2012 12:23 PM EST
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